Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Our HVAC Work is well recognised in many Airports, Factories, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Dormitories, Schools/Colleges.....Etc

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

When it comes to industrial HVAC solutions, Construction Science Corp (CSC) is truly your one-stop resource. We cover all of the steps in the HVAC process. By using any of all of these services, you can ensure that your commercial building gets an HVAC system that is both efficient and effective:

HVAC Design

Using sophisticated software and accurate expert analysis, CSC will install/design and develop an HVAC system. Every incremental efficiency is included, to minimize resource usage and maximize performance.

HVAC Shop Drawings

Precision shop drawings of duct work and piping are absolutely critical to a successful HVAC installation. We produce detailed PDF and CAD HVAC shop drawings to 100% precision, completely eliminating guesswork and ensuring a smooth installation.

HVAC Systems

Our expert installers, working from a detailed HVAC Shop Drawing, install the system and ensure that it functions at peak efficiency.

Separate Thermostats

For commercial buildings with multiple tenants and/or departments, it’s imperative that the HVAC system provide flexible temperature control throughout the building. That’s why we design HVAC systems with multiple zones, tailored to your exact specifications.

Precision Planning & Engineering

Our thorough planning, installation/design process includes thorough load calculations and building analysis, ensuring that properly-sized ductwork, equipment and diffusers are used at the outset.

Tailored Solutions

No two buildings are alike, and neither are commercial HVAC systems. That’s why CSC will meet with you to determine your exact specifications and special requirements before we undertake any HVAC design/construction project,

Timely Maintenance & Repair

Our commitment to a quality commercial HVAC system doesn’t end with installation – in fact, it’s just beginning. Our expert technicians will maintain your system to ensure it functions at peak efficiency at all times. And if repairs are required, we’re available at a moment’s notice to fix the problem